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Chapter 7- NDTV is 'CPM TODAY'

             While NDTV has occasionally been criticized by the RSS or the BJP ever after its horribly partisan one-sided coverage of the post-Godhra riots of March-April 2002 and its complete rationalization/justification of the Godhra attack, its true face has never been exposed. The true face of NDTV is as bad as the true face of the CPI(M), as far as people with Hindu ideology are concerned. And this chapter aims at exposing NDTV to some extent.

              On NDTV except B.P.Singhal (one and only exception), ex-IPS and ex-DGP, who is also the younger brother of VHP international president Ashok Singhal, no one from the BJP or its ideological allies and also political pseudo-secular allies ever attacks it. And neither does the editor of weekly ‘Panchjanya’, Tarun Vijay nor does the former editor of the weekly ‘Organiser’, Seshadri Chari. Former RSS spokesman Ram Madhav, who was the spokesman of the RSS until February 2006, does call NDTV as ‘Leftist media’ but being the public face of such a large Hindu organization he has to show discretion in talking on TV.

                The truth is that NDTV is not just an anti-BJP, anti-VHP, anti-Sangh Parivar channel like ‘Aaj Tak’ or ‘Star News’ or newspapers like ‘the Hindustan Times’ or ‘The Times of India’ or ‘The Statesman’. NDTV is the de-facto mouthpiece of the CPI(M). A channel, which is the mouthpiece of a party, and that too of a radical, and Leftist Stalinist CPM is far more dangerous to the Sangh Parivar and other Hindu-minded organizations like the Shiv Sena or the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti. As the RSS and other Sangh Parivar are extremely dedicated for the cause of their organizations, so are some (not all) of the CPM cadres and CPM people dedicated and committed to their ideological cause. In fact, outside the Sangh Parivar nobody is dedicated, committed, and disciplined except for some people in CPM. The CPM of course, is also far from 'honest' and is as plagued by indiscipline, groupism, opportunism and corruption as anyone, but at least it is serious in its opposition to RSS and allied organisations. To know Left's corruption and crime, read:

       Though CPM is plagued by horrible infighting and factionalism in both Kerala and West Bengal, it is a relatively more committed-to-cause party. Members of all other parties (except perhaps the Muslim League, MIM & TNMMK) like the Congress, the RJD, the LJP, etc. are opportunistic and have no ideological commitment.

       The reason why NDTV is called ‘CPM TODAY’ is simple. NDTV’s Chairman is Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy is NDTV’s No 2. CPM’s Brinda Karat, who is a Politburo member of the CPM and also a MP, is wife of CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat, the most powerful post of the CPM-akin to that of the sarsanghachalak in the RSS or the President in the Congress or the BJP. And Brinda Karat and Radhika Roy are blood sisters. And both the bosses of NDTV-Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy are staunch Communists-just like Brinda and Prakash Karat. As a result, NDTV is run directly from the house of the CPM General Secretary. Thus, it is Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy who run NDTV. This not the case even with the mouthpieces of other organizations. Journalists with strong RSS ideological commitment edit both the Hindi and the English weeklies of the RSS, which are not its official mouthpieces, but simply weeklies run by individuals belonging to RSS ideology. Weekly ‘Organiser’ (English) is edited by R Balashankar and weekly ‘Panchjanya’ (Hindi) is edited by Tarun Vijay (as of June 2006). Neither of them is in any way related to any RSS leader. In fact, they are both more journalists than RSS men. The RSS sarsanghachalak never writes in either of these weeklies. Neither did any former sarsanghachalak. They function completely independently. These organs have nothing to do with the organisation’s leaders. Congress President Sonia Gandhi at least writes an article in every issue of the Congress Party organ ‘Sandesh’.

                But NDTV is run directly from the house of the CPM General Secretary. ‘The Times of India carried a story on this on the editorial page in 2005 when Prakash Karat of the CPM was elected as party General Secretary in place of 88-year old Harkishan Singh Surjeet. That was when the newly elected CPM General Secretary was interviewed on NDTV Hindi’s ‘Takkar’. ‘The Times of India reported in a tongue-in-cheek remark,
             “This is a ‘Direct from Home’ programme. That’s because Brinda Karat and NDTV boss Radhika Roy are sisters. This is not a ‘Direct to Home’ programme.”

               Looking at those who run NDTV we will find that all of those who run NDTV are staunch Leftist-minded people. Except some people like Rajdeep Sardesai, who is as good as a Communist in terms of anti-BJP attitude, those who used to run NDTV were staunch Communists. Prannoy Roy, Radhika Roy, Abhigyan Prakash, Abhisar Sharma, Vinod Dua, Pankaj Pachouri, Burkha Dutt  Yogendra Yadav etc are all Leftist in thought. The Leftists run the channel as if it is the mouthpiece of the CPI(M). And this has been ignored by everyone. Even among the more knowledgeable people in the Sangh Parivar, who at least understand that the channel NDTV is horribly anti-Sangh Parivar, very few know the above. The leaders know it, but not the ordinary workers, and the masses also don’t know this.

                We have already seen in an earlier chapter how the NDTV behaves as the mouthpiece of the CPI(M) and attacks the RSS and the BJP and other Hindu-minded organizations or even pseudo-secular parties of the NDA. But let us see a few additional points here.

                In August 2004, the then HRD Minister Arjun Singh, who is more known for his role in the Churhat lottery scam of the 1980’s, alleged that the RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi. This provoked a Congress-RSS clash. For the debate, at 7-30 pm on 15 August 2004 NDTV invited Congress spokesman and great lawyer Devendra Nath Dwivedi, and from the ‘RSS’ side, a former journalist and a member of the BJP’s National executive. It was the biggest mismatch in terms of cleverness. NDTV deliberately invited this man, and not the RSS spokesman. Again, it was a case of ‘weak’ Hindu candidate, since NDTV knew very well that this man is not a good debater, and Ram Madhav is a very good one. Moreover, for much of the debate, he was on the phone line, which made it very difficult for him to argue. And he was asked questions as if he was the RSS’ spokesman. And he miserably failed to answer those and did not even have the sense to say, 

                 “I am not the spokesman of the RSS, nor the editor of ‘Organiser’. If you have Devendra Nath Dwivedi, a Congress spokesman, then there should be the RSS spokesman here.”

                 NDTV has a programme ‘Gustakhi Maaf’ which is very popular, involving the dummies of political leaders. NDTV does criticize the Congress and at times, even the Left for token. But that criticism is something which is already known to the masses and causes no harm to the Congress at all. For example, all Congress leaders are painted as sycophants of Congress President Sonia Gandhi which they are. But the BJP is attacked for its ideology. BJP’s criticism in ‘Gustakhi Maaf’ is over ideology and not of any other party. Congress is never attacked for banning the film ‘Da Vinci Code’ in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Tamil Nadu possibly on the orders of party President Sonia Gandhi, who is herself a Roman Catholic. But the BJP is horribly painted as a party of fanatics over the film ‘Fanaa’.

                NDTV has always painted the CPM as a party of angels. Sample what happened on Sunday, 18 July 2004 ‘Mukabala’ on Hindi NDTV. In ‘Mukabala’ NDTV invited RJD’s Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, BJP’s Sushil Kumar Modi, and the CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta on the issue of ‘tainted ministers’. It was a pathetic sight to see a demoralized Sushil Kumar Modi in a defeatist mind being bullied by both Gurudas Dasgupta and Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. It was 3 against 1 with all 3, including the anchor Dibang, attacking the BJP over its ‘tainted’ ministers and the Babri demolition and all the three kept attacking Modi over the matter. Dasgupta never uttered a word against criminals of the RJD or Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. And to see BJP leaders take a beating in silence is something we all must be used to. Modi should have given hard-hitting replies. He should have blasted both Singh and Dasgupta for making it 2 against 1 and Dibang for being partisan and putting 2 against 1. He should have threatened a complete BJP boycott of NDTV for its bias. And as for the Left’s 'morality', it kept claiming morality and yet never uttered a word against the tainted ministers of the UPA government like Taslimuddin, Shahabuddin etc. and of course, totally silent on 8 of its 62 MPs facing criminal charges in the 14th Lok Sabha.

              NDTV as usual helped the Left in this. As a matter of fact, NDTV Hindi in another ‘Mukabala’ shown on TV wrote on the TV screens, “BJP’s 26 members facing criminal charges”, “Congress’ 15 members facing criminal charges”, “Left Front’s 8 members facing criminal charges.” Despite this the Left claims, “There is not even a single member on whom a finger can be pointed.” What is more important is that NDTV never makes public this fact that 8 of the 62 Left MPs are facing criminal charges. In May 2006, a Left MP, belonging to the ‘Forward Bloc’ was convicted of a rape charge dating back to 1982. (On 12 May 2006, Lok Sabha MP from Purulia of FB was convicted). The Left fought both the 2000 and the 2005 Bihar Assembly polls in alliance with RJD, a party with many criminals. The Left supported the RJD in Bihar in the 2000-2005 term. The Left also allied with the RJD in February 2005. Only in November 2005 did a Left party, the CPI, criticize the RJD’s non-performance and criminalisation. NDTV never objected to that.

               In 2003 there was a debate on English NDTV when the CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta was invited for the debate ‘Right to Strike’. A member of the audience asked the CPI leader, “Why strike? Why not ask in a polite and dignified manner?” Dasgupta said, “Teachers of Bihar were not given salaries for 6 months. They asked for it in a polite and dignified manner but nothing happened and finally they had to strike against the government.” Mr Dasgupta and NDTV, above is all fine. But how does your party dare to talk of supporting the workers’ and the teachers’ against the government when your party supports the same government they are opposing and has not paid them salaries for six months?

               Looking at the present UPA, the Left has just won a huge majority in both Kerala and West Bengal. Balbir Punj of the BJP rightly attributed the win of the Left in a debate on Zee News on 11 May 2006 to the fact that,
              “The Left has succeeded in creating the impression that everything good the UPA does is because of it and everything bad it does is in spite of it.” And this is of course, courtesy NDTV.

             As mentioned earlier in the chapter on defaming Hindu leaders, NDTV never reported the scientific rigging in West Bengal of the Communists. The murderous poll-rigging CPM cadres were painted as angels and Comrade Biman Basu’s case was also ignored.

             Whenever petrol prices are hiked, the CPM leaders want to take to the streets and want the space of the opposition. Whenever inflation occurs, the same happens. But when inflation goes down, credit goes to the Left for bringing it down according to NDTV. A reader wrote in ‘The Times of India in August 2004,
          “I have never voted for the Left in my life. But looking at the sincere effort they are doing in trying to control the petrol prices, I may consider voting for a Left party in the next elections.”

            My letter countering this charge of course was not published. Why not look at West Bengal where the CPM has been ruling for the past 30 years to see what the Left does in power? Why look at the UPA where the Left had given outside support? As Arun Jaitley of the BJP put it, “They want fruits of power and also space of opposition.” Left keeps chaffing over CMP, CMP, and CMP which was formed under Left pressure. Thus Left has power. And it also has the space of opposition. And all this is possible courtesy NDTV, which never attacks the Left.

             NDTV reported the BJP’s demand of the resignation of Railway Minister Lalu Yadav after the train mishap in December 2004. NDTV did not stop here and added its derogatory comments on BJP. NDTV while reporting it openly blasted the BJP like 'CPM TODAY' on 23 December 2004 at 9-53 PM. Hindi NDTV reported:

            “These are the double standards of the Bharatiya Janata Party whose own leaders are accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case. They were the Home Minister, the HRD Minister, and the Sports Minister. The BJP has demanded the resignation of a minister against whom not even an FIR is filed. And the BJP had its own leaders charge sheeted in the Ayodhya case. And as for the party’s claim that charges filed in a political agitation are different, the party should at least tell, what was the need to whip up communal passion to put down a 400 year old building?”

             My good Marxists! No BJP minister was ever charge-sheeted. When Uma Bharti was, she was not a minister in the government. Only Murli Manohar Joshi, the HRD minister was charge-sheeted on 19 September 2003 in a Rai Barelly court. Joshi had declared earlier that if he was charge sheeted he would quit the Union Cabinet and quit he did. After that he appealed in the Allahabad High Court against this decision of the lower court and withdrew the resignation when the chargesheet was withdrawn. Harin Pathak, BJP MP from Ahmedabad was Union Minister of State for Home and he was charge-sheeted on 7 November 2000 and he quit the cabinet on 11 November 2000 on grounds of moral responsibility and came back only when the charge-sheet was withdrawn. And L.K.Advani quit the Lok Sabha when his name came in the Hawala scam and he did not contest the 1996 Lok Sabha election because of it and contested only the 1998 election after a Delhi court cleared him in 1997 where the judge was a Muslim. NDTV did not report any of the above facts and ignored the ethics of the BJP leaders and condemned BJP, and continues to do so and keeps on glorifying the adroit CPM. And in the above case, the BJP demanded Lalu’s resignation not because of the train accident but because Lalu did not visit the accident spot after the accident but instead was in Bihar preparing for the State assembly polls of February 2005.

               NDTV always glorifies the Left. In July 2005, the workers of a factory in Gurgaon, Haryana were lathi-charged by policemen. The Left tried to project itself as a party of the workers by leading the workers’ agitations and successfully projected itself as the party of the working class. What is the Left’s locus standi? Why was the BJP’s support to the workers and for that matter the main Opposition Party of the state at that time-INLD’s support to the workers completely ignored? In July 2005, NDTV broadcast ‘The Big Fight’ on this very issue and it invited Kiran Bedi, a great police officer and an industrialist and the only politician who was the CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta. Why was Dasgupta invited to put forward the workers’ cause? Why not someone from the BJP or the INLD? Or why not someone from the BMS, the country’s largest trade union, much bigger than CITU and the AITUC? This was of course to project the CPI and other Left parties as the sole champions of the working class. This policy of inviting the sole politician from the Left helped the Left. There was no political opponent of the Left including the Congress who would attack Mr Dasgupta and the Comrades and neither of the other two participants did, because they were not politicians.

              As we have seen earlier, NDTV through its programme KKK helped the Left i.e. the CPM stand on US recognizing India as a nuclear state. The CPM-led Left Front won Kerala allying with terrorists and those very Muslim organizations whom it had condemned all along. Left and the Congress in the Kerala Legislative Assembly unanimously passed the resolution for the release of Abdul Madani; the prime accused in the February 1998 Coimbatore bomb blasts case, which killed 57 people and nearly killed L.K.Advani. NDTV was of course silent on this. CPM in Kerala communalized the foreign policy of the country and demanded votes from Muslims for opposing US and supporting Iran. And NDTV promoted the communalization of foreign policy. And the Left got together with Muslims and organized massive protests against the visit of US President George W Bush to India in March 2006, which should have been condemned by all right-thinking people especially the media. A guest like George Bush should have been invited to address a joint session of Parliament, like Bill Clinton had been during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure. The Left did not bother at all when Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf visited India in April 2005 despite the fact that Musharraf is the guilty villain of Kargil 1999, which resulted in the death of 600 Indian jawans and continues to kill thousands of Indians through proxy war even today. But after the visit of Tony Blair to India, Left and the JNU (Ultra Left) protested against his visit and called him a ‘mass murderer’. If he was a murderer, he did not murder any Indian. But Musharraf murdered many Indians. Tony Blair did not threaten a nuclear attack on anyone. Pervez Musharraf did. But NDTV kept backing the Left and never once criticized its foreign policy. But NDTV did support India-US Nuclear Deal.

               Doing the job of ‘CPM TODAY’ competently, NDTV keeps praising Pakistan, holding India equally responsible for all the troubles and tries to paint Pakistan as a normal state whereas Pakistan is not a normal state. Pakistan is a fundamentalist state, an abnormal state and it is not a nation that has a military, but a military that has a nation. NDTV shows ‘LoC’ as ‘Love of Cricket’ or ‘Love of Cinema’. It does not bother reporting Pakistan’s statements against India. NDTV Hindi said, “Now should the borders between the two nations be opened?” and it indirectly advocated open border with Pakistan. Its horrible traitorous and pro-Pakistani report has to be checked by the I&B Ministry. When Pakistani batsman Yousuf Yohana scored a century for Pakistan in the first Test match against India in Pakistan in April 2004, NDTV Sports reported, “He scored a great century but unfortunately ended up on the losing side.” Unfortunately?

               NDTV played the CPM’s role in the Ishrat Jahan case. Ishrat Jahan, a 19-year-old student and a member of the Lashkar-e-Toiba attacked and tried to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad on 15 June 2004. Four terrorists were killed in the police encounter. It was NDTV which started the rubbish of calling them ‘innocent’ and the attack as being ‘fake’ and ‘stage managed’ to get public sympathy. The Gujarat Congress with its state party chief S.S.Vaghela immediately dubbed the encounter as ‘fake’ and many English newspapers carried letters saying that the attack was fake and stage-managed and that the terrorists killed were ‘innocent’. NDTV did not bother to ask the simple question- “If that 19 year old girl was innocent, then what was she doing with 3 much older men, 2 of whom were Pakistani nationals, in a car armed with explosives at 4 AM in the morning 500 kilometers away from home?” This was the extent of the hatred of Narendra Modi of NDTV. NDTV will want Narendra Modi murdered and will give the murderer an amount in cash as reward, so horribly anti-Narendra Modi they are. It took the Lashkar-e-Toiba to save the day for Gujarat police and the nations intelligence officials. Its website declared that Ishrat Jahan was on its members’ list (On 14 July 2004).

                NDTV and other news channels also (Like Star News) and the country’s newspapers prefer and trust and rely on the statements made by the relatives and teachers of the terrorists (Ishrat Jahan) and not the nation’s intelligence and police officials. NDTV openly supported the terrorists along with parties like the Congress and the NCP in Maharashtra and all other pseudo-secularists with the NHRC demanding a report from the state government. This was so pathetic that the BJP should have moved the courts against NDTV and called for a ban on the Pakistani-patriot TV channel and perhaps demanded derecognition of some parties for direct support to the Islamic terrorists. Maharashtra NCP leaders gave compensation to the relatives of the killed terrorist Ishrat Jahan. The Samajwadi Party organized a ‘bandh’ in Mumbra area of Mumbai in support of Ishrat Jahan the terrorist and accusing the Modi government of stage-managing the encounter. And the large number of people who had come to her funeral in Mumbai showed perhaps that some of the Muslims of Mumbra have sympathy for terrorists.

               Both NDTV and politicians are equally guilty of not only defaming and maligning Hindu leaders like Narendra Modi and supporting terrorists but also of inciting Muslims for terrorism by creating a false sense of infuriation and victimization in them. The pathetic approach of the BJP and the RSS and the Sangh Parivar in this case was also completely expected. In stead of making the liars pay for their lies, they suffered in silence and when the truth came out (Thanks to the Lashkar-e-Toiba) they allowed the anti-nationals of the CPM and the Congress to go scot-free.

              It was NDTV which of course began the process of maligning the Hindu leaders and defending the terrorists. Finally in “We’ve got Mail” according to NDTV’s own admission, it got many mails questioning its role and asked if it was responsible journalism. The host of the show asked Rajdeep Sardesai to answer that question and he gave various ‘explanations’ and said, “Yes, this can be called responsible journalism.” Both Rajdeep and NDTV bosses should have been punished for their direct support to terrorists and demoralization of the Indian police force and intelligence agencies, besides defamation of the BJP and Narendra Modi. They did not apologize for false charges when Lashkar-e-Toiba confessed that Ishrat Jahan was its member.

                More difficult times came for NDTV when Narendra Modi was denied visa by the US and his earlier tourist visa, issued in 1998 was revoked just one day before his scheduled visit to the United States. Here the comrades were caught between devil and the deep sea. The Communists cannot support Narendra Modi and definitely not the US. If they said that Modi should have been given a visa and his earlier visa should not have been revoked, it would have been supporting Modi, and saying that the decision to revoke the earlier visa and deny him a diplomatic visa was right would have been supporting the US! They can’t do either!

                NDTV aired a ‘Big Fight’ on the issue on 26 March 2005 on the issue, which included Digvijay Singh of the Congress, Rajiv Pratap Rudy of the BJP and the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Purushottam Agrawal. NDTV also had an American voice with an American woman briefly invited through videophone from Delhi, and it was 4 against 1 with Rajiv Pratap Rudy not able to counter NDTV. This is because Rajiv Pratap Rudy did not seem to have the knowledge needed to speak in this debate. And he did not attack NDTV for putting it 4 against 1. Rudy talked of the 1984 riots which simply cannot be compared with the Gujarat riots. It is a figment of the biased media’s imagination and deliberate attempt to demonize the BJP that such comparisons are made, and the 1984 riots and the Gujarat riots are equated. The Congress is never embarrassed over the riots. And the differences are too glaring for the two to be equated. Rudy, instead of mentioning some of the points of the chapter, “Gujarat riots-The true story” lost the debate to the cunning Congress-Marxist combine. 

              As we have seen, NDTV invites the CPM leaders on TV when there is absolutely no need to, just for strengthening the CPM as seen in case of the debate between Brinda Karat and Hansraj Bharadwaj. NDTV’s coverage of the Kanchi Shankaracharya’s arrest also was pathetic. Hindi NDTV continuously wrote on its TV screen the next day while reporting the arrest all day, “Strong evidence against the Shankaracharya: Police” which was all rubbish. The manner of reporting was deliberately so as to sound that the police were reluctant to arrest him and that because he was guilty and there was strong evidence against him, they were forced to arrest him. NDTV Hindi in the Hindi version of ‘The Big Fight’ i.e. ‘Mukabala’ invited BJP’s B.P.Singhal, JNU’s Purushottam Agrawal and a third police officer to speak on the issue. What was written on the screen as well as the topic of the debate was- ‘Is religion greater or law?’ It was as if the seer is guilty and that the debate is- Should the seer guilty of murder be set free because he is a religious leader?

                The coverage of NDTV and also of all other channels like Star News after the release of the interim report of the Godhra train massacre by U.C. Banerjee was, not surprisingly, disgusting. NDTV and others staunchly defended the report and made it sound that there is any ‘controversy’ over the issue and insulted the dead karsevaks. Neither NDTV nor any other channel asked the two simple questions-

1-     If it was an accident then why did the karsevaks not run away from the train when it caught fire?
2-     How were so many stones pelted which were recovered from the site after the massacre? Who did that?

            A full document will be written on that, on their reporting on Godhra.

           For NDTV’s hatred of anything Hindu, it, like other anti-Hindu TV channels, spread lies when the excavation was done in Ayodhya in 2003 to see whether a temple predated a mosque there. The final report made public on 25 August 2003 found a temple. The interim report also found a temple. But NDTV and the media lied and bluffed that nothing was found in Ayodhya. Weekly ‘Organiser’ says in its issue dated 29 June 2003 when the Ayodhya excavation’s interim report was submitted and the media spread lies, “Ayodhya Excavation: Media lies” and gave details of a temple found in Ayodhya by the ASI in its interim report. The final report made public in August 2003 also was exactly as weekly ‘Organiser’ had reported in June 2003. And when the final report came, the media ignored it. You can bet NDTV and others would have done if the report had not found a temple at that place.

                NDTV writes rhetorical questions on TV screens. As for its rhetorical questions, in July 2002 NDTV invited the then deputy RSS spokesman Ram Madhav, National Conference leader and son of the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah and another man on the issue to make it 3 against 1 again on the issue of trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir as demanded by the RSS. On the screen was written- ‘Does proposal for trifurcation mean accepting Pakistan’s position?’ The message sent out was- ‘Proposal of trifurcation as demanded by the RSS means accepting Pakistan’s position.' But during that time also NDTV was caught between devil and the deep sea, because the BJP rejected the RSS proposal for trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir. Now, if along with the Congress, NDTV had opposed trifurcation and the RSS, it would have to support the BJP, and opposing BJP would have meant supporting the RSS. NDTV could do neither. It also could not praise the BJP for rejecting the RSS proposal.

                For condemning and discrediting the VHP, NDTV and all other channels let no stone unturned. In July 2003 there was a meeting of leaders of all major organizations of the Sangh Parivar in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. VHP chief Ashok Singhal was interviewed and he said, 

               “The Prime Minister should try to pass a law for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya in Parliament. If it is passed, very good. And if he cannot pass the law, he should resign and go to the masses asking for complete majority for passing the law.”
               Despite this clear statement of Singhal, NDTV and company and all major dailies of India went on a rampage and said,
             “Singhal demands PM’s resignation for failing to bring law to build Ram temple” and reported as if he had said, “That anti-Hindu Prime Minister should resign and make a pro-Hindu leader the Prime Minister.”
            Editorials rubbishing the VHP were also published in many newspapers. And VHP leaders miserably failed to control the media and NDTV. This is just one of the many examples that can be given on NDTV’s anti-VHP tirade. The media misreported this so much that the BJP gave a statement flaying Ashok Singhal for this! Of course, the BJP should not have believed the reporting, and talked in person to Ashok Singhal to first listen to what he had to say.

               NDTV and company did the same to another VHP leader, senior Vice-President of the VHP Acharya Giriraj Kishore. A reporter asked him whether the VHP would want the Shankaracharya of the Kanchi mutt to be made the main priest of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Acharya replied, “The seer is of the Shivananda cult. The person who will look after the temple should be of the Ramananda cult.” 

           NDTV and company and all major newspapers of the country reported, “VHP Vice-President Acharya Giriraj Kishore says that the Kanchi Shankaracharya has no role to play in Ayodhya because he belongs to the Shivananda cult.” VHP got a sound thrashing from the media for dividing the Hindu society on such grounds. It is sheer stupidity on part of the VHP to let the media escape courts on such matters.

               CPM leader Brinda Karat made allegations on Swami Ramdev, the famous Yoga guru and accused him of using animal bones in his medicines. NDTV Hindi duly reported favoring Brinda Karat. Nothing unexpected, because Brinda Karat’s sister is the owner of NDTV.

               NDTV hates Narendra Modi. After the BJP’s loss of 6 seats in Gujarat in the Lok Sabha polls of 2004 NDTV reported that the Congress was in good shape in Gujarat. But that was more of an accident. NDTV and company kept reporting on the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections in October 2005 against BJP and Narendra Modi. But when the results were in favor of the BJP, with the party making a complete sweep in all places, as we have seen in the first chapter, NDTV blacked it out. One need not guess what NDTV would have done if the BJP had lost the elections.

               NDTV is thus the mouthpiece of the CPI (M). But it has some credibility (It had till 2006, but now has lost a lot of it). People don’t know of the ideological and blood relations between the CPM leaders and NDTV bosses. (As of June 2006). What is worse is that NDTV has been utilizing the service of former Indian batsman Navjot Singh Sidhu, a BJP MP from Amritsar. Sidhu bats for NDTV despite it being horribly anti-BJP and pro-CPM. The same is the case of Rajdeep Sardesai’s channel- CNN-IBN. It has signed up another former Indian opening batsman and BJP leader Krishanamachari Shrikanth. Shrikanth, despite belonging to the BJP bats for the CNN-IBN, which may not be the mouthpiece of the CPM, but is as anti-BJP as NDTV. And with players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul Dravid and others batting for NDTV it is going to be even more difficult for the Sangh Parivar in future. If the BJP had any sense, it would have asked Navjot Sidhu to boycott NDTV and not to sign any contract and the same with Shrikanth for CNN-IBN.


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